Twelve Chairs (Kyiv) | Don't Panic

Twelve Chairs

2 - 6 Players
60 Minutes
Obolonska str. 21

It has been recently revealed that famous furniture maker Heinrich Gambs shortly before his death made a replica of his famous chairset and put the Treasures of the Carpenters Guild into it…


Though, the owners of this set did not live long — all disappeared quietly while the chairs marched victoriously through revolutions and lustrums, coming, finally, to their last refuge…


The price is for the 4 players max. Every additional player is subject of fee of 200 UAH.

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30 November 2023


17:15, 800.00 грн 19:15, 900.00 грн

02 December 2023


11:15, 900.00 грн 15:15, 1000.00 грн 19:15, 1000.00 грн

05 December 2023