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Why the heck Panda?

2 - 5 Players
60 Minutes
Obolonska str. 21

There was a little girl, she was a good and kind child until one day, on her birthday, distant relatives gave her an antique chest. After the chest appeared in the girl's life, she became angry, irritable and began to be rude to her mother. The girl's mother is very worried about these changes in her behavior and asks you to help her figure out what happened and what's the panda got to do with it?

The price is for the 4 players max. Every additional player is subject of fee of 200

“Удовольствие от первой до последней минуты! Оформление, задумка, загадки - всё абсолютно яркое, необычное, креативное и головоломное. Однозначно рекомендую!”

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