Man in black | Don't Panic

Men in black

2 - 5 Players
90 Minutes
Bazarnaya str., 45

What do you see when you look at the starry sky? Have you ever thought that people are not alone in the universe?

The People in Black Agency has been protecting our planet from an extraterrestrial threat for many years. The control of hundreds of thousands of aliens arriving on Earth, and the capture of especially dangerous alien criminals - these are the main tasks of the agency. Are you ready to open the door to the world of alien gadgets, use extraterrestrial technology and solve crimes of an intergalactic scale? Tricks of insidious aliens will make you show your best qualities: logic, ingenuity and ability to work in a team.

The fate of the planet is in your hands!

And most importantly, you have as much as 90 minutes at your disposal!

The cost of the game is indicated for a team of up to 4 people. For each additional - surcharge of 200 UAH. A maximum of 5 people can play in a team.

You can choose the easy version of the walkthrough for beginners!

“Шикарно провести время в отличной комнате по фильму удалось. Спасибо администраторам за внимание , своевременные подсказки и антураж)”

Отзыв о Комнате Men in black от Яна


“Безумно понравилось! Позитивный администратор, крутые механизмы и много интересных, оригинальных заданий. Антураж 5+”

Отзыв о Комнате Men in black от Эльмира


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