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Leonardo da Vinci Workshop

2 - 6 Players
60 Minutes
Politehnichnniy lane, 1/33

You find yourself locked in the workshop of the scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Around unusual things, inventions, objects of art, and most importantly - the atmosphere of the distant 16th century. You have to solve the riddles and puzzles of the great genius and find a way out of the quest room in 60 minutes. If you do not have time, the candles will go out and you will stay here forever ... We hope you succeed and you manage to find a way out ...


The price is for the 4 players max. Every additional player is subject of fee of 100 UAH (max 6 players).

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17 January 2022


18 January 2022


19 January 2022


20 January 2022


21 January 2022


22 January 2022



“Комната очень антуражная. Задания очень правильно подобраны и переносят в ту эпоху когда жил и творил Леонардо. При этом задания разные по сложности и исполнению, так что все члены команды смогли проявить себя. Рекомендую всем. Прекрасное развлечение для всей семьи.”

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