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Symptoms of coronavirus by day


Three symptoms that should worry you: sore throat, shortness of breath and cough.




Chinese doctors have published a report on coronavirus in humans, describing the appearance of symptoms by day. The research was based on the case histories of patients from Wuhan Hospitals in China who arrived after December 29 and checked out or died by January 31.




Day 1-4. The first signalling symptom is fever. Some may develop muscle pain, dry cough, nausea and diarrhoea. The onset may also be mild, making it easy for a person to confuse with EDS.




Day 5-6. A person has difficulty breathing. This is especially true for elderly people who have health problems.




Day 7. Breathing is getting much harder. Research shows that many people who are infected during this period have reduced symptoms.




Day 8-9. Patients who are hard to tolerate the infection (about 15% of all diseased) developed symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome: the lungs could no longer provide adequate oxygen to vital organs.




Day 10-11. Patients who are hard to tolerate the infection are admitted to the intensive care unit. Other symptoms are added to the abdominal pain.




Day 12. Patients are on the mend and the temperature is dropping.




Day 17. Recovering patients are discharged.




The doctors noticed that coughing is a secondary symptom, because after discharge from hospital, many of those who were cured continued coughing. It is also noted that shortness of breath goes away after 13 days.


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