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Archmage's House

2 - 6 Players
60 Minutes
Odesa, Nekrasova lane, 7

A magical escape-room from “LightHouse Quests” company! Dive into an atmosphere of wizardry and sorcery by entering a house of the most powerful wizard of the contemporaneity! You've received a message from a fellow you'd met in Yorkshire. He asks you to come urgently to 9, Lane of Illusions and do a little favor for him in the house of his friend, archmage Raymond O’Leary, while he is out of the town. However, anything could go wrong while you are there...


Reveal all secrets and mysteries in the Archmage’s House, fight back mages of the Dark Order and save our world from destroying!

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“Очень интересный квест. Ходили с детьми 13 лет, им тоже очень понравился, хоть для них немного и сложновато было, но справились)) Доброжелательные администраторы, в конце приятно удивили бонусом) Спасибо большое!”

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