Antidote: virus 2020 (Odesa) | Don't Panic

Antidote: virus 2020

2 - 5 Players
60 Minutes
Bazarnaya str., 45


Closed laboratory for the development of biological weapons.

A few days ago, the connection with the underground levels of the center was lost, access is limited by border, access is limited by border by border by border by border by border by border by border by border.

You are a special group of researchers-liquidators, you were urgently sent to the facility to assess the situation and prevent a possible global epidemic.

The cost of the game is indicated for a team of up to 4 people. For each additional - surcharge of 150 UAH. A maximum of 5 people can play in a team.

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“Очень понравилось:загадки логичные, очень антуражно, все механизмы отработали хорошо. Праздновали день рождение подруги-настоящее украшение праздника!Подруга была в первый раз-только позитивные эмоции!”

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